Prohealth Bowel Check

Bowel Screening Test

Eiken Bowel Check Kit is no longer available. It has been renamed as Prohealth Bowel Check Kit and contains the same Eiken OC-Sensor components.
The Prohealth Bowel Check Kit is available from Prohealth.

What is this test for : This screening test is an aid for the early detection of invisible blood in the lower bowel, which if present may indicate other significant health problems.

Why : Early detection leads to early intervention and improved outcomes.

How often should I have this test : All men and women over 50 or those at risk should have this test every year.

The Prohealth Bowel Check is a new generation of highly accurate immunological tests that requires no contact with sample, has no smell and no special diets*.

Results will be sent to your doctor within two - four weeks.

Important: if you have had recent changes in bowel habit, blood in the stool or any direct family history of bowel disease or polyps GO AND SEE YOUR DOCTOR.

*Data available at Prohealth on request.

Quick and Easy to Use
1) Collect sample
2) Read & sign consent and labels
3) Pack
4) Post
5) Results sent to nominated doctor

Simple Easy Sample Collection
see detailed instructions here