Bowel Screening Test - Instructions for Sample Collection

This test is easy to perform:
• Please read all the instructions carefully before beginning
• You need to collect a small stool sample from each of 2 separate bowel movements
• You don’t need to make changes to your diet or to any medication you may be taking

Your screening pack should contain:
• One sheet of barcode labels
• Two sample tubes
• Two sample collection sheets
• One zip lock sample transport bag
• One reply paid envelope
• Consent Details Form

Do not collect samples if:
• It is during or within 3 days either side of menstruation
• Blood is present in your urine or visible in the toilet bowl after a bowel motion
   – in this case you should talk with your doctor

Sample 1
(sample label with red writing)
Record the time and date of sample collection on red barcode label.
Place label on a sample tube with the barcode on one fl at surface
(See pictures).

Sample 2
(sample label with black writing)
Record the time and date of sample collection on black barcode label.
Place black barcode label on other sample tube.
Please note that Sample 2 must be taken from a different bowel
movement to that used for Sample 1 (i.e. At least 30 minutes apart).

Consent form barcode

Place this label on the top right corner of the consent form.

Participant record label

Keep this label for your record. You may cut off the bottom section of the consent form and keep it for your records.


1. Empty your bladder, then flush the toilet

2. Make sure your hands are dry

3. Place the sample collection sheet on the surface of the water in the toilet bowl
Please note, placing some ordinary toilet paper into the toilet bowl prior to placing the sample collection sheet in the bowl will aid the floatation of
the collection paper and make collection of your samples easier.

4. Pass the bowel movement onto the sample collection sheet. Collect the sample immediately as the sheet will disintegrate within five minutes

5. To collect sample 1, twist out the small green collection stick from the sample tube with the red label

6. Scrape the tip of the collection stick several times on the surface of the stool.

7. Insert the sample stick complete with stool sample into the collection tube and push to click shut. Do not remove the collection stick again

8. For Sample 2, repeat steps 1-7, collecting the sample from the next convenient bowel movement.

Please DO NOT attempt to fill the collection tube with sample as the test is very sensitive and only sample retained in the grooves of the collection stick is required.

• As soon as both samples have been collected, put them into the zip-lock bag, and make sure it is completely closed
• Keep samples cool. You should keep them in the fridge or freezer until ready to post
• Complete and sign the Consent and Details Form
• Place both the zip-lock bag with sample tubes, and the completed Consent and Details Form into the reply-paid envelope, and seal.
• Post samples at a post office. Do not post in an outside post box in direct sunlight if the weather is hot.
• For best results do not post on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.